A good investment is always well worth it.

I purchased two SFR and a duplex & 4 Lots. IPC was there every step of the way and was always helpful. Even after the purchase, I can still call for any questions and they are always willing to help. The service I received from them is excellent. I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in purchasing rental properties. -Rica Libisono

Have the greatest trust in them

After working with IPC, I realized there was no comparison.  They completely spoiled me with the great care and guidance which one wouldn’t find in another company.When they say they’re here for you for life, I truly believe it, and have the greatest trust in them that they are really interested in what would best help me attain my investment goals.   -Koren Wong

I appreciate the opportunity they provide to learn in a low pressure environment

I’ve attended their meetings for a couple years now. I’ve learned a lot, and I’ve researched quite a bit more considering the things they’ve taught, in addition to discussions with their experts and other attendees. I appreciate the opportunity they provide to learn in a low pressure environment, because the difference between a good and bad retirement is in how I invest my money.  I’ve lost enough on “opportunities” to know not to believe any hyped up concepts that will make you a millionaire overnight. Investing is about numbers rather than a gut feeling.  They provide those numbers for their products, so you don’t have to believe them, you can see the numbers for yourself. Overall my experience with them has been positive and I plan to continue working with them to make the best ROI from my retirement dollars.  – Bryce C.

My fear has turned to excitement

I had always wanted to invest in real estate, but didn’t know how.    It always seemed out of reach for me. I had read books, and took courses, but was afraid to jump in. I can now say my fear has turned to excitement.  At this time I now own several parcels of land, two pieces of real estate, and have signed a contract for a third.  I am reaching my goals for financial security much sooner than I ever thought could be accomplished.   Now, when he sends over a property for me to look at, it’s not fear anymore, there is trust in what he is telling me.   -Bernadette Moriarty

$1,500 unexpected additional profit

I purchased a lot in Bella Vista AR that I am completely happy with.  I also financed another contract in Bella Vista at the same time, and due to the first buyer canceling his contract after one year of payments, I will have made $1,500 unexpected additional profit on the transaction by the end of the subsequent buyer’s contract, thanks to Brandon finding a buyer in less than 30 days. I have also referred friends who have made similar purchases and contracts with them.   I recommend Ron and Brandon highly for their knowledge, experience, integrity, and good business practices.    -Loretta McNair

Will recommend to all our family and friends

Brandon Rooks has been helping me purchase developed lots with my SDIRA…….actually helping does not do justice……he has been holding my hand through this whole process……my first time doing this type of investment. He is very knowledgeable. He is a great coach and guide.  He makes you feel like you are talking to a friend……not a “salesman” like some other companies I’ve dealt with. His patience is beyond belief.  He made me feel like I was his only client as he always answers phone calls, texts and emails. I just can’t say enough about him. I will recommend him to all our family and friends. He is an absolute pleasure to work with. What a great asset to your company. I can’t wait till we have more funds so we can work with him again.   -George & Zenith

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Why Us?


Understanding where you are today – both financially and personally has great power. All too often we focus on our weaknesses and limiting beliefs.

Personal Wealth Plan

Whether you’re wealthy and sitting on money that’s under performing or completely broke, having a Plan will give you specific, clear steps of how to improve from that point.

Get in the Game

The next step is “Get” as in Get in the game. Get some property. Get on the boat. Again, regardless of your station in life – nothing happens until you put the plan into place.


The Grow step is where you let your current investments grow. Let Father Time do his thing. You plan on how to get more investments.


Keep is the step where you maximize returns, minimize erosive expenses like taxes and financial leaks so you and future generations who follow you can continue to reap the rewards.

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