Have we spoiled you with double-digit ROI?

I wonder if we’ve spoiled you with our double-digit ROI properties?

I just did a little fact-checking.

Last year, in 2014, we had over 200 people invest in cash-flow property with us for the first time.

100% of them received double-digit returns on their investment.

Let me say it again.

100% of them made more than 10% ROI. MOST of them made 15%-20%.

That’s JUST cash-on-cash ROI.

The cash-on-cash ROI doesn’t include:

1) property appreciation value,
2) tax depreciation,
3) or principle paid-down by a professionally managed tenant.

Your ROI just got HIGHER! :)

I know. It’s ridiculous.

What’s crazy is this next statement.

They are going to get double-digit returns AGAIN this year.


Wait. There’s more.

Those numbers are NET, AFTER all expenses. Unlike the typical “safe” place to invest your money.

The Stock Market.

So where else can you get those kinds of returns? The Stock Market?

Yesterday, March 31, 2015 the stock market closed at 17,776.12

That’s DOWN 0.003% from January 2, 2015 17,832.99
It’s up 6.7% over the past year March 31, 2014 16,457.66

“But…” you say, “the market is up over the past 5 years.”

I agree with you.

IF you invested in stocks in 2009-2011, you may be up 60% to 100% over those 4-6 years.

IF you had invested in one of our cash flow properties during that time, you’d have gained 75%-125% (plus the other 3 gains, likely putting you closer to 150 to 200% Total ROI)

Do you expect to get 20% out of the stock market this year?
Do you expect to see the stock market grow 60% to 100% in the next 5 years?

NOTE: Those Stock Market ROI percentages are GROSS, not NET. You don’t get to keep all of those percentages.

You also pay your Mutual Fund company expenses (as much as 1.5-3% of that on average, every year.)

I’ve met ONE person in my life who has ever successfully had their stock portfolio outperform our investments in more than a 2 year period. He’s amazing. If you’re into stocks, you dream of meeting this guy. One guy out of tens of thousands. Hmmm….

Everyone else who says they are “good at stocks” always loses before 3 years of ROI comparison.

So, if we’ve SPOILED you with our double-digit returns, please accept my apology in advance.

If you ever want to “think about” investing with us, I hope this has helped you think clearer.

I’ve noticed that most of the time, the “thinking about it” isn’t really about the numbers. Instead it’s dealing with the shock that you’ve been lied to about your investments! Now you’re left to deal with the time it takes for your brain and your emotions to accept the fact that you’ve been lied to and that you’ve finally discovered the truth. (Read that again.)

Once again, we WANT to SPOIL you with double-digit returns EVERY YEAR. Our clients are used to it. They expect no less. Neither should you.

I’ve helped over 6,000 clients get double-digit returns on real estate. It’s pretty simple to me. It’s NOT rocket science.

I invite you to compare what you’re getting on your money now and see what we can do for you. I promise you we’re the better performing company.

Say this to yourself: “Double-digit returns. Every year.”

What could that do for your retirement?

Give us a call. Let us show you what we can do.

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