Success is a science?

Growing up, I was very aware that some kids came from “rich” families and the rest of us were pretty much poor. The prevailing attitude was just “that’s the way it is” and people didn’t really believe or try to do much about it.

Later in life I found that anyone can create just about any type of life they want. In fact, it’s no longer surprising to me when I meet with groups of other successful peers that most of us came from poor backgrounds, and at some point in our lives we decided to be “successful,” and now live that “successful” lifestyle as we defined it.

Success is not random, it’s by choice. In today’s video, Brian Tracy declares that “Success is a science.

That thought could shake up your belief system quite a bit. Especially if you’ve been conditioned otherwise like most of the people in my childhood neighborhood.

Once you accept this as truth, a whole new world will open up to you. I promise.

Watch Brian Tracy’s “Success is a science” video here.

Have a Great Weekend!

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