How We Make Money

People often ask us (as they should) – “How do you make money?”

The answer is simple:  We don’t charge you anything.

We are real estate brokers who earn a commission from the seller.  So our clients pay us nothing, EVER!


Let me repeat: EVER!

By the way —  our training is also FREE.

We don’t charge for it.  It’s always free.

We DON’T sell Coaching
We DON’T sell memberships
We DON’T sell seminars or boot camps.

Our Events are ALWAYS FREE.

Usually, I’m the one buying the dinner at our events <link to most current event>  or our Client Appreciation Dinners

(See pictures here of our latest Client Appreciation Dinner here <link to Client Appreciation Dinner page>)

We provide training for free. Those who know me, know I’m famous for saying “leave your check books at home” before you come to our events.

Our training is free. Always.

Again: Why don’t we charge?

To repeat: We only make money when the SELLER of a real estate investment property pays us.  YOU don’t pay us anything.

We even do 1-on-1 consultations and build a custom Investing Game Plan for you for FREE too.  We provide those by appointment only and have a limited number of appointments each week.  To inquire about getting a 1-on-1 Game Plan, click here. <link to Game Plan lead capture page>

We prefer you that you spend your hard-earned dollars on investment property that pays you direct returns instead of buying training we can provide you FREE.  Training is valuable….we just choose to do it for free.

We believe it helps our clients reach their goals faster that way.

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