What NOT to do when investing in real estate

Do you want success? I mean, do you REALLY want SUCCESS? It all begins in your mind!

I usually talk about trainings or articles on investing…Today is a bit different.

Training is worth nothing without the right attitude.

Let me explain what I mean by recounting something that happened to me this week.

I posted what I considered to be an inspiring story on my personal Facebook page this week. It was fitness related (Shocker I know) and was in reference to how fit people feel about out of shape folks who are making the effort to join the ranks of the fit.

It talked about how inspiring it is to see someone, for who it is incredibly difficult, to continue to show up and make it happen. I’m not the most fit person in the world but I’m in pretty good shape and I work at it daily and this is how everyone I know feels about those striving to be the best they can be.

To my shock, I was nearly immediately assaulted with a barrage of comments by an individual who was OFFENDED by the post. Rather than being appreciative because I was taking her side, she read the post – in her words – “as an affront to fat people all across the country”. To her it wasn’t inspiring because in the post, the writer made mention of the lady’s size. I traded comments with her (for too long) trying to help her understand that the offense she felt was self-imposed…She never got it! She, instead decided to continue to think that for fit people it’s easy and that we don’t understand what it’s like for people like her…THAT’S BULL!

I tell you this story because it reveals a flaw in her thinking which is prevalent in our society. How you see yourself is not a reflection of who you are, rather who you are is a reflection of how you see yourself. In other words, how you see yourself will help shape who you become.

Let me repeat that statement:

How you see yourself is not
a reflection of who you are,
rather who you are is a reflection
of how you see yourself.

In other words, you and I decide who we are based on how we see ourself. If you haven’t had this thought before, it’s a mind bender.

I’ve heard the same thing from so many people about financially successful people.

“They just don’t understand what it’s like to be poor.”
“They didn’t start out like me.”
“The system is rigged.”

THAT’S ALL BULL! And it’s that type of thinking that will ultimately keep those people down!

I’ve said it before but, my beautiful wife and I started our lives completely BROKE. We’ve had many successes but even more failures financially.

I’ve been taken advantage of by companies, I’ve been cheated and ripped off by more than one business partner. I’ve made and lost more money than most people will ever have.

The DIFFERENCE between successful people and the complainers of the world is that WE (the successful) SHOW UP EVERYDAY and we treat every minute of our lives as sacred as it truly is…we MAKE things happen by focusing on what we want and not letting the distractions of the negative people get in the way of our dreams.

This is true in EVERY ASPECT of your life.

Want to be fit? Then you can’t run around feeling sorry for yourself with a chip on your shoulder and go off on anyone who says anything about fitness. That was my friend’s downfall.

Get out there and DO something to change your situation. How many stories do we have to read to know that it’s possible for anyone who will put in the blood, sweat and tears to make it a reality?

Want to be financially successful? Then you’d better see yourself as financially successful! And you’d better hang out with positive, motivated, successful people. Life is too short to waste it with negative, going nowhere people. And yes, I think it’s a WASTE of TIME to hang out with them! They are energy suckers. Don’t give them your positive energy to waste on their negative thoughts.

Let me leave you with one of my favorite, inspirational videos that says it like it is…

I’ve posted it before but it’s worth a watch every so often.

To BE success, you must first THINK success!

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