Good news – Rents are rising

Good news! Rents are rising in “smaller cities.” i.e. Where we are!

What does this mean to you? Better ROI!

Here is a quote from a CNBC article posted February 20th:

Some of the smaller markets have seen less supply than some of the larger markets have during this apartment cycle,” said Stephanie McCleskey of Axiometrics. “High occupancy rates coupled with steady job growth and a limited amount of new supply have given property owners the pricing power to continue to push rents.

Read the rest of the article here

Now is a great time to maximize a great investment price so you can maximize your cash-on-cash ROI and overall ROI.

Higher rents means greater cash flow.

Greater cash flow, means better for you!

MORE good news. Those of you who saw my email last Thursday, saw that we officially announced our new expanding loan program. More of you now qualify and for better terms than before!

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Rents are higher.
Loans are better & easier to get.

Now it’s just up to you.

Comment on this blog and see how much better your situation can be today!

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