How is it possible to get 57% Total ROI?

Every week, on Mondays, we pick one of our properties and offer it up as the “Monday Hot Property.

What makes these properties so hot is the fact that their Total ROI is so high.

For example, this past Monday the property we showed had a Total ROI of 57%.

Every week, just like clockwork, I get at least a few emails and phone calls asking “how is that possible to get 57% ROI?

The truth is, it’s pretty common for us to have investment properties that Total ROI in the 40-50% range. They sell VERY QUICKLY, but it’s not unusual for us to have them in our inventory.

Today, I’m going to help you understand how ROI is calculated and why you’ll see that the numbers Wall Street publishes are so ridiculously inflated at the same time.

I created a video a little while back that gives you a very clear understanding of how to calculate ROI on an investment….any investment you want to evaluate.

Click here to watch How to Calculate ROI


Click here to watch my Webinar on How to Calculate ROI

Here’s to your success!

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